21. Sep, 2018

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Martial artists in America battle over the possession of three ancient Chinese statues.

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original title: Fight to Win

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama

imdb: 5.1

duration: 1h 17min

keywords: cameo, taekwondo, martialarts, kungfu, karate, campy, independentfilm














































Martial artists in America battle over the possession of three ancient Chinese statues. I bought this movie for $1.50 at a VHS blowout sale after seeing that Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, Bill Wallace, and Hee Il Cho were among the cast. I figured it would be pretty cheap and dull with a few good moves by each of the three. Boy, was I wrong! Fortunately! I had never heard of the star George Chung before, but that guy has athleticism and charisma to spare! He's funny, sarcastic, and kicks like a whirlwind! Then there's Leo Fong (BLIND RAGE, BLOOD STREET). This guy's a true living legend of the martial arts, and deserves an honorary black belt in comedy as well! Chuck Jeffreys (BLOODMOON, SUPERFIGHTS) adds to the fun with Eddie Murphy type lip-offs and dynamic martial artistry. Even the supporting players get into the action with witty dialog, ("Man, this is bull$@#& that we gotta work every Sunday!) and goofy gun-toting action. Football great Ronnie Lott even stops by to make a gratuitous cameo on an ATV telling how he "got cut" from the team before he casually guns down a henchman. This movie is tongue-in-cheek all the way, and it's too bad that more American martial arts movies didn't go down this same road. FIGHT TO WIN can be summed up as: great martial artists having a good time while poking a little fun at the sometimes all too serious martial art/action film genre. HIGHLY recommended to those who like martial arts, and cheesy low budget 80s movies that entertain not because they are so bad, but because they are so good!

Everything works in this film! A great gathering of talent! I admit I was being sceptic about this movie, but since I only paid about $3.50 for the DVD I was all game. I didn't expect much - only good fight scenes ( I mean Cynthia Rothrock, her boyfriend (at that time) George Chung, Richard Norton, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Chuck JEffries)

But that movie is so much more! First of all - there IS a story, which might not be worth an Oscar, but considering it's a B-movie, it's actually good.

Nobody in the production claims to be an actor - but if you give the film a chance, wait until Rothrock enters the scene. From that moment on the movie gets better and better.

This movie never takes itself seriously. Especially the endfight is just so much fun. I think I never laughed so hard about an action B-movie! Soo great!

**Disclaimer: You should like action/martial-arts-B-movies. Although it's extremely funny, it's not a standard comedy and does not intend to be.


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